Project Flow is sequence of many photos with performers, contemporary dancers if you want. Author has made research of creative process which describes Flow as a state of human being when a person is a hundred percent present, dedicated and focused on a creation process of his/her artwork. Author wanted to point out that during true creation process the artist, regardless his concentration, becomes more of a mediator. Basically, the art flows and passes through the artist who is the one enabling art to emerge into this world. Through placing performers into various spaces and leaving them improvising, author tried to depict this Flow by photography. With camera he has also improvised. There was no intention to create a particular story but the story is still there. Ultimately, this means the creation process itself might be even deeper and more interesting as it may seem and is worth of exploration. According to eastern philosophy everything is perfect as it stands. There are technical abilities required, in this case to master the camera, to have a body awareness and to know various kinds of movements, but then human has everything what is needed right now.

Performers: Nikola Majtanova, Rada Kovacevic, Marcin Denkiewicz.

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