Hi, here is Lubomir, artist from Slovakia. I am here to help you to find creative solutions and ideas | to discover the best way of your visual presentation | to create an unique concept for you.
I expresses myself through the lens. Photography is a lifestyle for me and this lifestyle is richly influenced by psychology and philosophy, especially the eastern one. With photography I try to evoke emotions, tell stories, ask questions, make people reflect and create visual beauty.
I am self-educated person who finds inspiration anywhere around. During a few parts of my photographic evolution, I tried to be perfect and this lead me to a conclusion that perfection does not exist. 
The thinking is that putting all the perfect aspects into one work makes this work artificial and sterile. Very basics of my photographic philosophy are based on this conclusion which means little imperfections are exactly what gives the work emotions and charisma.
More often than not I feel my vision is different and unique. It is not only photography, it is everywhere. There are times when it is more of a something hard to take than anything amazing. Art gives me a platform to show people at least a bit of my vision and it is more than the vision.
Philosophy and ideas are closely connect with it so the platform is not only about visual creation, but also about telling ideas. As Socrates said: “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”
With this digital age and all the social media with tons of pictures, my photography is simply not dedicated to just scroll it over. There is always something more, there is always a message. Maybe not for everybody but certainly for those who want to see it.
On the other hand there is also more simple explanation. I want to give people joy, make them smile and give them something what is missing these days. Show them different perspectives and inspire them.

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